There’s a lot of things happening in the world.

So much to overwhelm your thoughts and your senses. A lot of noise, a lot of clutter.

Your news feed, your social media feed, your family, your co-workers, your partner, your to-do list, your mind…

It’s all so loud and busy and you are looking for a way to cut through everything to just find some clarity and peace. You don’t feel like your old self, don’t know what to do – you are just feeling unsure how to move forward.

You’ve got goals around improving your mood, being grounded, calm, productive, connected to your loved ones, to be rid of all the past trauma or just to get…quiet. We can meet those goals.

I use conversational styles of therapy and think we all heal best when we understand what and why is happening in the therapy room, authenticity and transparency are important to me personally – no gatekeeping or mystery here. I like using evidenced-based therapeutic and somatic modalities because they work. More info about me and my training can be found on the Approach, and FAQ’s pages. I currently see California clients in-person and online, and clients in Oregon and Washington State via telehealth.

 Licensed in California (48196), Oregon (T1776) and Washington State (LF61100009).